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AcoustiCloud is a leading provider of customized acoustical solutions, from concept design to final installation. With our extensive experience working in large, expansive rooms, we have a deep understanding of the intertwined relationship of aural and visual aesthetics.

The Challenge

Large open spaces are impressive environments, yet they are rife with uncontrolled reverberation and excessive low frequencies. This often causes discomfort, disorientation, or lack of concentration.

The Solution

We take a holistic approach to acoustical solutions to synchronize one’s aural and visual perception of the size of the space. At the heart of the AcoustiCloud system are custom-designed 3D objects which are suspended in the open spaces of reverberant rooms, leaving the walls and other surfaces unobstructed.

AcoustiCloud System

Custom designed 3D modular objects, tailored in any size, shape or color, to control the reverberation and absorb low frequencies of spaces. Designed to be installed for a one-day event or permanently.

AcoustiCloud Experience

The AcoustiCloud System transforms the acoustic quality of spaces from distorted and uncomfortable to clear and enjoyable.

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